Decred's Janus puzzle

Originally launched on this website:
Find DCR wallet seed. This puzzle in SVG is hiding the seed:

(After a week of beeing unsolved)
Here is the hint to help out with solving.

Solved in 10 days and 6 hours. Look at tree encoding scheme. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle - DefCon 24 Special with Nethemba

As usual, following image encodes private key. Premium bounty provided by Nethemba and released at DefCon 24.

Public address is 1cryptoP5yMdKcz1bjzUqnbs3LsasVRX6

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Solved in 5 days and 3 hours. Here is the solver. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 3
This image encodes private key for address 1cryptoJzomVVJUSys8Qv1gKPCXFoZy1U.

Level 3 solved in 38 hours. Look at Solver.

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 2. Find private key in this image. Public address: 1cryptoTuax4qeedzVC35eYf4c16v4reJ

Level 2 solved after 29 hours. Look at Solver.


This is the first level of Bitcoin Crypto Puzzle.
The image encodes private key with the bounty for the first solver.
I consider this level as simple for the start.
So let's play the game, wipe it and let me create another one.
Public address for Level 1: 1cryptommoqPHVNHuxVQG3bzujnRJYB1D
Solutions will be posted here after accomplishing.

Level 1 solved after 6 hours. Look at Solver.