Crypto Puzzles by Zden

BTCrypto Puzzle Level HALV
Level HALV - my new crypto puzzle to celebrate the fourth Bitcoin Halving.
This level is way easier than LVL 5.
It shouldn't take long until it's solved.

Public address: 1crypto24HCr178iMcKd5iUi5D4rsg1nK

1BiTCoiN WHiTe PaPeR
I created this generative artwork by processing the content of Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto.
It's at the same time a crypto puzzle that is not visible at first glance.

Artwork is also notarized on the Bitcoin blockchain by a transaction of 777 Satoshis from the puzzle's address. The SHA-256 fingerprint from this image creates the private key of the notarization wallet.

The first buyer of this NFT will receive a high-quality, hand-signed, physical print of size 28 x 28 inches (71.12 x 71.12 centimeters).

Public address: 1BiTCoiNsuFnkCFGkv6AGgwWxN31GUwY6W

Solved in 72 hours. Solver by the winners.

Bitcoin Crypto Puzzle Level SFX
BTCrypto Puzzle Level SFX solvable without writing a code, but using software is highly recommended.
This time with extra cover art.

Public address: 1crypto92aYKxdzD6VSAKwpEJnXcA2s9t

Solved in 21 hours.
Solver without using your own code.

This image holds 6 ETH crypto puzzle. Released at (no longer online). Bounty address.

Unsolved for 1 year and then SOLVER released and bounty transfered in 8 minutes after publishing!

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 5
The new corrected version including new hints!

This image encodes private key for address 1cryptoGeCRiTzVgxBQcKFFjSVydN1GW7.

UNSOLVED for over 3 years because the original release was uncomplete! Relaunched on 12th of December 2021. My excuses to everyone!

Past hint.
(clarity edit: sum of two consecutive following rectangles...)

Codex Protocol Puzzle
This image encodes the private key for this address.

Hint #1 & Hint#2 released.
Solved in 20 days.
My blog post how the puzzle works.

Bitcoin Demobit 2018 Special
Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Demobit 2018 Special

This image encodes private key for address 1cryptotnptVK1ZbpZFyEqcR5EVp5hjfk.

Hint #1 released.
Solved in 51 days (tweet by solver [removed user]) - tweet by me.

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level XM17
This animation encodes private key for address 1cryptozWJAE7UzDZF1eSgsT7mVjUsu7g.

Solved in 22 hours (solver).

HCPP17 Monero Cryptopuzzle
Reveal the XMR seed and gain the initial reward 13.37 XMR.

hint tweet

Released at HCPP17 and solved in 3 months.
Read solution written by the winner (posted on removed twitter account).

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 4
This image encodes private key for address 1cryptoRMRnj7Q9fgToxTRvejLnx3QRPq.

Level 4 solved in 52 hours.
Solution article by the winner.

Litecoin SegWit Activation Puzzle
Find 256 bits of the Private Key in this image.
Convert to WIF and profit!

Public address: LartGjF6UjmvmF1JXBhFf5wtM9uZX7LzeS

Hints #1, #2 & #3 released.
Solved in 2 weeks.
Encryption animation with algo & priv key.
Solver code + story by the winner(s)!

Raw puzzle design in public domain.

Decred's Autonomy Puzzle
Data for Decred's Autonomy "wheels" Puzzle

High quality render. Originally launched on website (no longer online).

You can read about puzzle mechanics from these "blueprints".

Decred's Janus puzzle
Originally launched on (no longer online).
Find DCR wallet seed.
This puzzle in SVG is hiding the seed:

(After a week of beeing unsolved)
Here is the hint to help out with solving.

Solved in 10 days and 6 hours.
Look at tree encoding scheme.

Bicoin Puzzle for Nethemba
Bicoin Crypto Puzzle - DefCon 24 Special with Nethemba

As usual, following image encodes private key. Premium bounty provided by Nethemba and released at DefCon 24.

Public address is 1cryptoP5yMdKcz1bjzUqnbs3LsasVRX6

If you want to support my free art, now you can. Use voucher
and I'll receive fair cut from the deal.

Solved in 5 days and 3 hours.
Here is the solver.

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 3
This image encodes private key for address 1cryptoJzomVVJUSys8Qv1gKPCXFoZy1U.

Level 3 solved in 38 hours.
Look at Solver.

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 2
Find private key in this image.

Public address: 1cryptoTuax4qeedzVC35eYf4c16v4reJ

Level 2 solved after 29 hours.
Look at Solver.

Bicoin Crypto Puzzle Level 1
This is the first level of Bitcoin Crypto Puzzle.

The image encodes private key with the bounty for the first solver.
I consider this level as simple for the start.
So let's play the game, wipe it and let me create another one.
Public address for Level 1: 1cryptommoqPHVNHuxVQG3bzujnRJYB1D
Solutions will be posted here after accomplishing.

Level 1 solved after 6 hours.
Look at Solver.